Salesforce Certified!

On June 30, 2017 I passed my first attempt at the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. To verify this please go to I am pursuing my second certification now called “Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder” or SF Certification 401, formerly known as Developer 401.  I am scheduled to take this exam on September 12th. After…

Why Zoho CRM doesn’t integrate with LinkedIn

LinkedIn used to have lots of integration partners.  In 2014 they made the genius decision to eliminate all access from integrated 3rd parties of ALL kinds, except for Salesforce.  Then Microsoft purchased LinkedIn and has maintained this folly.  Currently, as I understand it, Salesforce users have to pay $100/month for integration with LinkedIn.  This effectively…

Migrating Basecamp to Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects does everything Basecamp does, and a whole lot more, for less.    In it’s defense, Basecamp has 2 versions (Version 2 or the “classic” version and Version 3 the “current” version).   Version 2 is more centric to current business communications techniques and version 3 is centric to a more socia media saavy crowd.  The following discussion regards migrating from Basecamp 2 ONLY as the Zoho program only handles Basecamp 2.


Image result for basecamp images                                     

The Basecamp to Zoho Projects migration, which has been almost 100% automated by what Zoho calls it’s “Basecamp User Migration Program” or BUMP, is a pretty easy conversion with literally zero settings other than entering credentials and authentication. BUMP is a fully automated utility for upgrading your Basecamp 2 data into Zoho projects.   I have excerpted from Zoho’s website pretty much all the documentation  regarding the nuances to this conversion/migration:…

Cloud CRM Systems for Small and Medium Businesses

This is the first part of two articles discussing the most popular and prevalent CRM systems for small and medium businesses (SMBs).  If you are interested in learning about on-premise solutions, click here. CRM systems are mission critical to the success of any sales organization, small or large.  So what are the main considerations when implementing a…

On-Premise CRM Systems for Small and Medium Businesses

This is the second part of two articles discussing the most popular and prevalent CRM systems for small and medium businesses (SMBs).  This article focuses on On-Premise CRM sytems for small and medium businesses.  If you are interested in learning about cloud-based solutions, click here.

On-premise CRM systems for small and medium businesses

Although this category of software slowly disappearing, we still run into situations where it is relevant and in some cases absolutely required.  These cases are typically relating to security – even though it can be argued that cloud-based systems are more secure than premises based.  We run into the requirement for premises-based CRM in brokerages, defense contractors and HIPAA-compliant organizations mostly.  Another situation when premises-based CRM makes sense, especially for ACT!, is when a company or team has been using it successfully for a very long time.  There are 2 relevant CRM brands for SMBs:  ACT! and Goldmine.…

What is the fastest growing CRM for SMBs?

As of last August Zoho claimed to have 20 million users and they were adding 700,000 new users per month and they were hoping to grow that number to 1 million new users per month by the end of 2016. Are these claims credible? Let’s have a look.

Salesforce vs Zoho, which was started in 1999, is the clear and undisputed market leader in the CRM software sector. Zoho, started in 2004, is equally clearly the #2 player and overtaking SF quickly, at least in the small and medium business category. I researched a number of websites and found there to be a great deal of propaganda, especially for a few unnamed CRM systems that have “gamed” the search engines. However, I settled on a couple of objective measures that prove this out.

I started with one reasonably objective website,, shown below, to start the analysis.  I just used the top 10, BTW:


Zoho applications

Zoho Applications: Zoho Books for Accounting Software in the Cloud

Perhaps you’ve already tried many Zoho applications and found out how quickly they help create better communication, security, and data storage. You’ve seen this in the Zoho CRM, their SalesIQ, or support tickets. One you haven’t maybe tried is Zoho Books if recently opening a business needing better organization. One thing Zoho Books makes clear…