Zoho CRM and Zoho Books Integration Notes

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I just learned that Zoho’s native inventory modules (Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices etc) do not sync or communicate with Zoho Books.  I can create Zoho books estimates and invoices from within CRM but I can’t convert an opportunity or quote into an invoice in Books.

This is a big breakdown and rather hard to believe, but it was recently and clearly confirmed by a Zoho employee in a forum and by the below information currently on their website:

This means there is a disconnect between CRM and accounting and this fact must be reflected in the quoting process.  You have to either quote in Zoho Books (using “Estimates”) or Zoho CRM (“Quotes”).  Both are visible from within CRM, but the former can be converted into a live Invoice whereas the latter cannot.  (There are 2 types of “Invoices”, one in the CRM and one in Books.)

 Opportunities don’t appear to be integrated with either side.  For example, you can’t convert an opportunity into anything, either native CRM inventory modules or Zoho Books modules.  Thus the process from lead through Closed/Won Opportunity is seamless until it ends.  Then you have to start a new process somewhere and the two processes are not joined.
Clearly, in my opinion, they should join at the invoice point, where the CRM invoice can be converted or duplicated into Books.  As it stands now you have to double enter the invoice details if using the CRM for Quotes.  This can be avoided by using Zoho Books estimates when utilizing both systems.    Furthermore, they should allow opps/deals/potentials to be converted into either a CRM Quote/Sales Order/Invoice AND a Books Estimate/Invoice
The good news is that the CRM Products module does sync with the Zoho Books item list, which means the same product library, which is a huge help.
In most cases if you are using CRM + Books you will want to use books “estimates” to send out your quotes, to avoid double entry.  If you are using CRM without Books then the only choice is for you to quote using “Quotes” in CRM and the other native inventory modules (sales orders, invoices, etc).
I sure hope they are working toward this “join”.  Zoho is so smart about most things — let’s hope they figure this out soon.