CRM Training

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CRM Training Services

Taft Partners offers comprehensive training for Zoho and Salesforce.  Everything from a high level overview to an in-depth, guided, full-day training session.  Full day training is recommended as it is more interactive and engaging.

CRM Basics

During CRM basics we will guide you through how to handle day to day activities, how to manage leads, accounts and opportunities. Unlike our full day training, this is an overview training session that involves walking through the features of Zoho or Salesforce and providing an opportunity for Q&A with one of our experts.  These sessions are held virtually.

  • CRM Basics
  • Leads, Account & Opportunity Management
  • Day to day Management
  • Q&A
CRM Full Day Training

Our guided full day training is designed to provide our customers with an in-depth approach to training. Our day is interactive and includes educating the team on the following:

  • CRM Basics
  • Leads, Account & Opportunity Management
  • CRM day to day Management
  • Integrating CRM with Outlook or Gmail
  • Report creation and management
  • Activities – meetings, tasks, tracking calls
CRM Customization

During this session we introduce the basics of customizing your CRM database (new fields, layouts and user management).  During the customization session, which is typically designed for 1 to 3 people, you will learn how to execute all of the features of the Zoho system so that you can build and control your database. We encourage every customer to assign and internal Zoho Administrator to become the expert thereby enabling you do make changes without having to contact a consultant!

  • Setting users, roles and security
  • Adding custom fields
  • Creating custom layouts
CRM Automation

Workflow automation opportunities are endless.  Learn how to transfer repetitive business processes to Zoho or Salesforce.  We will work with you to create notifications, automatic communications, and other custom workflows that we identify in your unique business.

  • Creating a task when an action occurs on another record
  • Create workflows to send automated notifications
  • Create workflows to send emails to customers and prospects
Zoho Email Marketing

Learn how to create and manage email blasts directly from CRM.  This is a basic campaign management introduction where we work with you to develop specific lists, set up mass email and execute a basic email campaign strategy.  This is an interactive training course where the participants will actually send out mass emails.
  • CRM mass email setup
  • List creation with target audiences
  • Executing the email send

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