What is the fastest growing CRM for SMBs?

As of last August Zoho claimed to have 20 million users and they were adding 700,000 new users per month and they were hoping to grow that number to 1 million new users per month by the end of 2016. Are these claims credible? Let’s have a look.

Salesforce vs Zoho

Salesforce.com, which was started in 1999, is the clear and undisputed market leader in the CRM software sector. Zoho, started in 2004, is equally clearly the #2 player and overtaking SF quickly, at least in the small and medium business category. I researched a number of websites and found there to be a great deal of propaganda, especially for a few unnamed CRM systems that have “gamed” the search engines. However, I settled on a couple of objective measures that prove this out.

I started with one reasonably objective website, capterra.com, shown below, to start the analysis.  I just used the top 10, BTW:

Source: Capterra.com